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  • San Jose, CA

Happy Tails

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Dear Friends:

We want to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your kindness and your thoughtfulness for taking care of our dog, Abby.

My husband and I are both disabled and our little dog gives us tons of pleasure and comfort. She sleeps with us at night, sits on our laps during the day and makes a good companion and is also very protective of us.

She desperately needed dental work, but my husband and I did not have the resources. Thanks to NARF, she is back to her happy normal self. She was suffering with pain because of her teeth and NARF came to our rescue. It is great to have an organization like NARF that could help us.

Abby gives us more comfort, pleasure and closeness than anyone could dream of and makes our days so much more enjoyable.

Again, thank you for being there and helping us!

Very sincerely,

MaryAnn and Don
(November 2016)