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  • Nike Animal Rescue Foundation
  • San Jose, CA
Stripey Love perched on her foster mom's shoulder.

Stripey Love

  • Male
  • Adult | 1 September 2013
  • Short Hair

I am a ‘Mackerel brown tabby tux’ with a pink nose w/ an orange & black dot in the center, green-yellow eyes, and a gentle, more relaxed personality.
I was found in the back yard with my littermates and mother. After weaning, we came inside to foster and socialize.
I am…
*very gentle natured and affectionate
*good about being handled
*very playful–especially with catnip toys and my sister, Bull’s Eye Girl
–?kids = unknown, gentle handling
–?dogs = unkknown, slow introduction perhaps
*good with other cats-never separated from siblings
home environment = accustomed to semi-quiet, active home w/open windows, alarm clock sounds, blenders, classical music,…

**********Special Needs:*************************
Stripey Love has a serious food allergy and needs to go to a home with owners willing to provide him with
1. a ‘duck-meat-only-diet (cheese, yogurt, 1/2 & 1/2, eggs = OK–in moderation, as little treats), and
2. medication for an occasional allergic reaction,should he consume non-duck meat food.
Normally Stripey Love is fine unless he get into food that makes his body react. He constantly attempts to get at meat that makes him sick.

AdoptHeadshot of Stripey LoveStripey Love

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