• Nike Animal Rescue Foundation
  • San Jose, CA


  • Male
  • Adult | Born 1 to 1.5 yrs ago
  • Mixed
  • Small | adult weight: 6 lbs

Matty is snugly, playful, and happily greets anyone he knows with a tail that wags the whole dog. He may be shy at first but warms up very quickly to anyone willing to give him love and play with him. He loves to cuddle up with other dogs or with any human that doesn’t mind his initial happy wiggles or attempts to play. He’ll follow you wherever you go and paws at you if he wants to play. He plays happily with other dogs too, even larger ones, but tires out fairly quickly as he usually runs around at fast speeds. One of his favorite games is to be sent sliding across the floor only to do a fast turn, run back to you, and jump into your hands. He also likes to play with your hands or feet. If put outside regularly (min 3 times) he does use the yard to go bathroom, but he’s still prone to occasional accidents. He is crate trained and he’s starting to learn basic training commands and knows his name.