• Nike Animal Rescue Foundation
  • San Jose, CA
Ritz sitting on some hay in the backyard.


  • Female
  • Senior | June 2004 (approx.)
  • Terrier Mix
  • Medium | adult weight: 40 lbs

Ritz appears to be a Terrier Mix. She was born around June 2004. She weighs around 40 lbs.
She’s an excellent companion dog for an adult home. She is totally up for either a long walk, a quick game of fetch or just hanging out next to you while you watch TV or read. She is good with other dogs, as long as they show manners as she will put rude dogs in their place.
Ritz has some obedience skills but her future guardian needs to take a refresher course with her. No cats or other small animals.
She is house trained.

AdoptHeadshot of RitzRitz

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