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  • Nike Animal Rescue Foundation
  • San Jose, CA


  • Female
  • Senior | January 2006 (approx.)
  • Rat, Toy & Fox Terrier Mix
  • Small | adult weight: 8 lbs

Tinker is a sweet old lady who loves a warm comfortable place to snuggle. She will happily climb into your lap if you sit down on the floor with her or jump up to be with you on the couch. She gives air kisses to those she really likes. She loves to go outside and sun herself and enjoys walks too. As for playing, she doesn’t seem to be interested in toys, but occasionally bounces around excitedly and plays with your hand with her paws. She can be shy or startle easily, which means she sometimes shrieks or submissively pees if you move to fast with her. She particularly dislikes being picked up or moved. While you can do both of these if you are slow and gentle, she does much better if you coax her to move on her own. She does fine with other dogs other than the occasional grumble if she feels bothered. She’s also house and crate trained.

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